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about-usCardiovascular Credentialing Consultants (CCC)  consists of leading ARDMS and CCI registered ultrasound technologists, RT nuclear technologists and a Medical Advisory Board that specializes in Adult Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Non-Invasive Vascular Testing, and the Management of Venous and Lymphatic disorders.

Our team has amassed years of experience handling Intersocietal Accreditation Commission protocols and procedures that can simplify the accreditation process. Namely, CCC will provide your facility with effective solutions for Adult Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Non- Invasive Vascular Testing and Vein Center Accreditation.

CCC will assess every aspect of your lab’s daily operation and we will work closely with your medical and technical staff to ensure appropriate patient documentation, image quality, study interpretation, and both accurate and complete reporting. Additionally, our team will keep your technologists, lab director, and interpreting physicians up-to-date on all aspects of credentialing. This will include information about board certification as required and continuing medical education (CME) credits. We will ensure that a quality improvement program is in place which is a necessary part of the accreditation process and will allow your lab to respond to IAC audits.

As an added service we also offer a Maintenance of Accreditation Program. This service provides oversight of your lab and data collection over the next three years making re-accreditation simple and straightforward.

Our services ensure that you will be confident your labs are operating at the highest level and, in turn, your patients are receiving the best care.

Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants, Your Experts on  Echo Accreditation,  Vascular Accreditation, IAC Accreditation, ICAEL  Accreditation Services.


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