“I would like to personally thank Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants and especially Julie Cardoso for the exceptional work that was done by her and this incredible company in getting our vein center accredited. Julie was extremely thorough, efficient and always cheerful in providing rapid responses, daily recommendations and answers to help streamline the long arduous process of getting vein center accreditation. In retrospect, I can say I don’t now how we could have done it without her. Highest possible recommendations without reservations!”

John Happel, MD

Happel Laser & Vein Center


“We highly recommend Julie Cardoso and Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants. The help that she has given our vein center in getting IAC credentialing is truly priceless. The value of their help was immeasurable. If you are considering getting IAC accreditation for your vein center, just call us at Happel Laser & Vein Center at 724-960-0600 and speak to our manager, Niki, to learn what they can do. We have no affiliations with them but are just satisfied customers highly appreciative of their great service.”

Niki Happel, RN

Happel Laser & Vein Center


“I’d like to thank Julie Cardoso from Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants for always walking me through the steps I needed to learn in order to succeed in this industry. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained working with her has been necessary and appreciated through my journey in becoming a RVS. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge with me!”

Alysse Zimmerer, AS, RCS, RVS

American Heart Center


“Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants assisted our lab in our ICAEL audit and re-accreditation along with obtaining our initial accreditation in Vascular Testing. I truly admire how they worked with both our technical directors in image acquisition, hands-on training and the implementation of required IAC policies and protocols. We were so grateful for their services and how simple and effective the  accreditation process went that we decided to use them to cross train our staff in different ultrasound modalities. CCC worked a year with our sonographers including didactic and hands-on training that our techs were more than prepared when it came time for them to obtain their registry. We highly recommend CCC for whatever service you seek them out for, even for the tasks that your facility may think it’s impossible to obtain.”

Ziad Abbud, MD, FACC

American Heart Center

Neptune, NJ



Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants helped me understand the limitations of poor visualization that accompany the utilization of a Visualsonic 770 ultrasound machine. I was able to incorporate this information into my protocol design of my clinical trial for Magnesium Reduces Carotid Intima-Media Thickness In a Mouse Model of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: A Novel Treatment Biomarker. Their input and knowledge about ultrasound technology was crucial in my research protocol.

Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology Thomas Jefferson University,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Erine A. Kupetsky, D.O.,MSc



I have been working with Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants for about 9 years and always use their professional accreditation and on-site training services. It really blew me away how simple and effective their strategies are for establishing and maintaining IAC accreditation for Echocardiography and Vascular Testing. The response has been phenomenal from my medical and technical staff– with a bit of hard work at the beginning we are now getting the results I never thought possible. Thanks – it’s working!!

Saleem Husain, MD, FACC, RPVI

Plainfield, New Jersey



CCC is passionate and dedication for the cardiovascular  field that it is transfered into their  teachings. Working with CCC is an experiance that has allowed me to further my career in so many indescribalbe ways. Their hands on training helped me gain the confidence and knowledge that allowed me to excel in my field. It gave me a higher level of understanding in real time, that books cannot descrbe. The training was above and beyond my expectations. I am completely happy with my experiance.

Jenny Borawski,
RCS soon to be RVS



Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants did a wonderful job accrediting our lab in 2012, and just guided us through our first random site audit without any issues. They provided the information necessary to maintain the proper documentation so that our site audit was a breeze!

Erin Tremblay RCS,RVS
Technical Director
Raritan Bay Cardiology Group, PA



Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants has been accrediting our lab for the past 5 years. Their attention to detail and knowledge in this area is mastery! They get it done easily and promptly which is what is needed with accreditation today.

George Kapetanakis, RDCS, RVS

“… I strongly recommend contacting Julie Cardoso with Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants.  She was totally knowledgeable about IAC and the entire process  She was very helpful with completing all of the paperwork including formulating all of the required policies and protocols and getting us ready for all of the stages.  We could not have done it without her.”

Robert Goodman, MD

Goodman Vein and Laser Center



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