Vascular / Echo / Nuclear Lab

IAC-picOnce your lab obtains accreditation or re-accreditation the work for the next three year cycle of re-accreditation begins immediately. Your staff will be required to perform continuous self- evaluation and to monitor all aspect of lab operations.

CCC will provide lab oversight during this time and ensure IAC standards are being met and the required documentation collected. This information will be required for re-accreditation and will allow your lab to respond to IAC audits. At the time of re-accreditation all the necessary work will have been done allowing for effortless submission of the application and supporting documents. Your Cardiovascular Credentialing consultant will:

  • Communicate with laboratory staff
  • Review and summarize sonographer peer review and variability
  • Review and summarize physician  peer review and interpretation variability
  • Review and summarizes reports for timeliness and completeness
  • Review and summarize study correlations
  • Review records of medical and technical staff CME’s
  • Review records of annual study volumes
  • Review and summarize two case studies and final reports bi-annually
  • Educate medical and technical staff about IAC standard changes
  • Provide annual summary of Appropriate Use Criteria
  • Assist in responding  to IAC Audits
  • Provide an annual quality improvement summary
  • Provide a quarterly quality improvement meeting summary

Labs which opt for the Maintenance of Accreditation Program will have their application and documents submitted at no cost.