Vein Center

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IAC Vein Center Accreditation

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) defines a vein center as a center where venous evaluation and management and/or treatment procedures for venous disease are performed. IAC accreditation is a voluntary process by which vein centers can evaluate and demonstrate the level of patient care they provide. Vein center accreditation is available in superficial venous evaluation and management.

The IAC Vein Center program is designed to accredit centers that perform evaluation and management of venous and lymphatic disorders by ensuring that the center meets benchmarks for quality based on resources, training and outcomes.

Cardiovascular Credentialing Consultants can help you through this cumbersome and time-consuming accreditation process.

Our Standard Services Include:

• Explanation of standards, guidelines & IAC process

• Evaluate vein center’s current policies and procedures

• Identify deficiencies

• Review staff credentials

• Review case logs and remediate deficiencies

• Review equipment and maintenance schedules

• Review patient safety policies and procedures

• Provide guidelines for quality improvement programs

Optional Services Include:

• Maintenance of accreditation program



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